An Important Voice for the Gulf’s Seafood and Tourism, as Well as Its Historic Culture

If you haven’t heard of us yet, you will in the near future. The Gulf Seafood Foundation is a Gulf-wide non-profit with emphasis on areas that include – SCIENCE and EDUCATION.

Gulf of Mexico fisheries, recreation and tourism support millions of jobs economically vital to not only coastal communities throughout the Gulf of Mexico, but also region wide.

Comprised of a diverse membership from shore to shore to shore, the Gulf Seafood Foundation is a unified, proactive and positive voice to promote interest vital to the economy of the Gulf, as well address issues and actions affecting the region. Its mission is to be the voice of reason in finding solutions to a wide variety of important issues the area faces.

The Gulf Seafood Foundation project works include:

  • Aquaculture – expanding U.S. aquaculture in the Gulf complements wild harvest fisheries and supports efforts to maintain sustainable fisheries and resilient oceans.
  • Coastal Restoration – Preserving, protecting, and restoring natural resources is an integral part of the Foundations efforts to foster resilience in Gulf communities nationwide. These projects reflect an earnest commitment to the Gulf and will enhance the region’s economic, social, and ecological resilience in the future.
  • Resource Management – In recent years, members of the Gulf Seafood Foundation and Gulf Seafood Institute have provided advice on the climate science strategy, the Endangered Species Act, aquaculture policy and research, recreational fishing policies, Magnuson-Stevens Act reauthorization topics, sustainable seafood certification, ocean policy, as well as catch share issues.
  • Habitat and Estuaries – The Foundation works to restore reefs and  shoreline habitat across the Gulf, as well as protect existing estuaries.